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We've gathered up some of our favorite links, but the web is a big place.  If you have a link you'd like us to add, let us know!  Click HERE to send us an email right now!

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Taildraggers, Inc. - Our Favorite Links

Here is a list of our favorite aviation links.  We are always adding new links to the list, and trying to keep the links up-to-date.  Click on the category you'd like to visit below.

If you have a link to add, or find one that no longer works, please let us know.

Fishing for links is a very time-consuming practice, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Just remember to keep them aviation-specific, and tailwheel-focused!  If it's a site you like to visit, then we'd like to know about it.

· Aircraft Specific Type Clubs

· Building Materials / Supplies

· Kit Plane Manufacturers

· Magazines

· Pilot Web Groups / Forums

· Tailwheel Training / Instructors

Here are our favorite places to surf.  Check the category pages for more great links, but don't miss these!

Ohio Bush PlanesOhio Bush Planes

Greg Swingle's awesome flying videos.

"On the way home from breakfast one morning, in the winter of 2009, John showed Greg where he used to land his old Super Cub on a hill near and oil well.

That's all they have done ever since"

The Biplane ForumThe Biplane Forum

This is a great website for biplane enthusiasts.  Forums designed specifically for the Pitts Special, Steen Skybolt, EAA Acrosport, and Stolp Starduster.

Over 1200 members (including Taildraggers, Inc.) and growing!  If you're building, flying, or dreaming of a homebuilt biplane, this is a great site.

Ladies Love TaildraggersLadies Love Taildraggers

"For the gals who LOVE the fun of flying taildraggers!"

This is a great website full of inspiring women who all share a passion not just for flying, but for doing it the right way; in a taildragger.

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