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With all this old stuff sticking around, you have to wonder how we keep it smelling so fresh.  Ha!  I've got quite the secret up my sleeve.

You see, my wonderful wife makes candles.  Not just any candles, but soy candles.  Highly scented, and at a price anybody can afford.  Even me.

So, cruise on over to Skyline Candle Company, and pick yourself up a candle or twelve.  I recommend the Waterfall Mist.  Smells so good.  Way better than all these moldy old headlines.

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Welcome to our underground lair.

Let's knock the dust off these old updates, and get some more mileage out of 'em.  Click, click, click.  Surf, surf, surf.  You gotta love all this delicious Aerotainment.

March - December 2011
Video :: They Never Should Have Changed Their Name
Gone West
The Bosman RV-3 - "Congratulations! You've..."
Video :: All-Star Aviators - Sleeping Dog Productions
Brodhead 2011 :: 36th Annual Pietenpol and Hatz Fly-In
New CFI Added - Anouck Ls Bris, San Luis Obispo, CA
New CFI Added - ProMark Aviation Services, Burnet, TX
The Bosman RV-3 - Back to Work Again!
New CFI Added - Skyhoppers Arial Adventures, San Jose, CA
New CFI Added - Diana Votaw, Sparta, IL
Video :: Aerobatics in a Clipped Wing Taylorcraft

February 2011
The Bosman RV-3 - Ready to Rivet! 5.5/146 hours
The King of Cool
Video :: The Aviators - Season 1 : Episode 8
New CFI Added - Stick & Rudder Aviation, Boise, ID
New CFI Added - Canyon Flying, McCall, ID & Ellensburg, WA
The Bosman RV-3 - Honey, I'm Home... 2.0/127
OT Video :: But There are Airplanes...
Video :: Never Underestimate a Lady Taildragger!
New CFI Added - Ann Elsbach, Travelling CFI, Eureka, CA
New CFI Added - N6821G, Inc., Lexington, SC
The Bosman RV-3 - Progress at Last. 15/125 hours

January 2011
    Paragliding in the United Arab Emirates
    Vintage Video :: The Rutan Defiant
    Moving at a Snail's Pace
    N71370 :: The Krier Cub
    New CFI Added - Tailwheels, Etc, Inc., Winter Haven, FL
    The Bosman RV-3 - New Year's Resolution
    I'm a Young Eagle
    The Bosman RV-3 - Christmas Break
    AirplanePorn Gross Weight Loss Competition

December 2010
    Adventure Pilots - Crazy Winds
    The Bosman RV-3 - No More Excuses
    N365DL :: Dave Lamphere's Wittman Tailwind
    Merry Christmas from Taildraggers, Inc.
    The Rambo Piet
    Adventure Pilots - The Origins of Adventure
    Adventure Pilots - Introduction
    New CFI Added - Real World Flight Training, Erie, CO
    Give the Gift of Flight
    1780 Doolittle
    Our Friend, The Super Star
    New Flight School Added - Allmond Aviation, LLC, Peoria, IL
    New CFI Added - Chris Atwood, Indianapolis, IN
    Electric Powered Waiex Flies!
    Video :: Electric Powered Waiex
    Wasted Away Again in Laytonsville
    New Flight School Added - Table Rock Aviation, Hickory, NC
    Video :: The Fiesta Bowl :: Ohio Bush Planes

November 2010
    Happy Thanksgiving! :: Enjoy a Video from Ohio Bush Planes
    New Flight School - Aerosport Limited, Mitchellville, MD
    XXX Security Theater Compliments of the US Govt.
    The Bosman RV-3 - Still alive, but...
    New Flight School - Skypatch Systems, Wellston, OK
    New Flight Scool - Legacy Aviation Services, Finleyville, PA
    Another 'Coupe for the "WTF?" File
    The Kamm Photo Blog
    New Flight School - Preston Aviation, LLC, Winter Haven, FL
    New Flight School - Dan McCormack, Waynesburg, PA
    Video :: Full Scale Plane Collides with R/C Model :: Insight from the AMA
    Video :: Zane Over Zanesville :: The Bobby Breeden Experience

October 2010
    NX20280 Flies Again
    More NX20280 Photos
    Taildraggers, Inc. Tip of the Day: Join the Taildraggers, Inc. Forums!
    Video :: Talk About Service!
    The Religion of Flying
    Video :: Bob Coolbaugh's 1911 Curtiss-Ely Pusher Flies!
    Extreme Geekdom :: Beer Coolers into Space (w/video)
    New Flight School - Star Aerobatics, Cedar Rapids, IA
    Pilots Without Pants
    Video :: Pilots Without Pant :: The "Making Of" Video
    Video :: Slightly OT :: The Pilot Seat
    New Flight School - Acro Dynamics, Mooresville, NC

September 2010
    Vintage Poster :: Douglas Rolfe - 1933
    The Bosman RV-3 - Last Steps Before the Jig - 2.0
    New Flight School - Tom Foster, St. Paul, MN
    The Bosman RV-3 - Plucked From Time's Dusty Grasp
    Four New Flight Schools -
          Aviators Unlimited, Abingdon, VA
          Bay Aviation, Saluda, VA
          Dave Autio, Minneapolis, MN
          Dylan Aviation, Indiantown, FL
    Now Here's Something Unusual - 1931 Buhl Bull Pup For Sale
    New Flight School - Ohio Light Sport, Centerburg, OH
    Three New Flight Schools -
          Blue Ridge Sport Flight, Hendersonville, NC
          Chickasha Wings, Chickasha, OK
          Vashon Island Air, Vashon, WA
    Video :: Dead Stick Takeoff :: Don't Try This at Home
    The Bosman RV-3 - Forward HS Spars -3.5/66.5
    Video :: Runway Tennis at Tangier Island, VA
    The Bosman RV-3 - Decisions, Progress, First Boo-Boo
    New Flight School - Curtis Eads Flight Center, Norfolk, VA
    The Bosman RV-3 - HS Spar & Ribs - 5.5/58
    IFR or Not?  A Training Question
    Thunder Over the Blue Ridge 2010
    The Bosman RV-3 - Vacation Time!  Finishing HS Spar... 7/52.5
    Video :: Is Not Too Early, Is It? :: Hudson River Landing Spoof!

August 2010
    Slick's Airventure 2010 Video :: "Beyond This Historic Brown Gate"
    Video :: Rans S-9 Loses a Wing
    Video :: Toilet Paper Bombers
    Video :: Freakin' Rocket Belt!!!
    Video :: Pitts Lil' Monster N97M
    The Glide-O-Bike
    The Secret Lives of Charles Lindbergh

July 2010
    Tip of the Day - Join the Taildraggers, Inc. Forums
    The $1 Pietenpol
    OSH 2010 Special: Free Mustang Aeronautics DVD
    The Bosman RV-3 - Back to work!  7/45.5
    Video: The Great Waldo Pepper is Back on DVD
    The Bosman RV-3 - More Hinge Brackets & A Potential Disaster  4.5/37
    Charlie Kulp to Fly Again July 18, 2010
    The Bosman RV-3 - Match Drill HS-307's  1.5/27.5
    The Bosman RV-3 - Primed and Ready  1.5/29
    The Bosman RV-3 - A Riveting Experience (ha ha ha)  1.5/30.5
    The Bosman RV-3 - Elevator Hinge Brackets, Round 1  2/32.5
    Video: Building a Knight Twister :: In 1948
    The Bosman RV-3 - Rear Stab Spar  6/26
    Indoctrination (Playmobil TSA Security Checkpoint)
    The Bosman RV-3 - "Women's Work" Word of the Day: FILING  8/20
    The Bosman RV-3 - More Clues: Wing Plans from Van's Dust Bin  1.5/9
    Big Blue H
    The Bosman RV-3 - Little Brown Packages  2.5/7.5
    Video: "FIFI"
    The Bosman RV-3 - Inventory  5/5
    Video: The West "by gawd" Virginian
    The Bosman RV-3 - Introduction
    The Bosman RV-3 - The Decision

May & June 2010
    Shot Up and Left For Dead
    NASM :: How Things Fly
    Wrong Side Up! Popular Mechanics Magazine June, 1928
    Free First Flying Lessons?
    The Seven Minute Rule
    Video: And Now For Something Completely Different
    It Must've Been The Crosswind
    Q.O.T.D. :: Hemmingway Talks Aviation
    Um...  That's Water, Dude...
    Piper J-3P-50 :: What Is That?!
    Introduction: Cole William Bressler
    Video: Two Become One

April 2010
    Video: Lee Bottom 2007
    Dude! No Updates in a Week?!
    Video: Bob Herendeen Flies the Pitts - 1986
    1932 Hall Springfield Bulldog Restoration Underway
    Video: Keep Your Pattern Tight, Dumbass!
    Announcement: 2010 Ranger Airfield Fly-In and Airshow
    April Fools Day Silliness

March 2010
    Spring Has Sprung - Get Ready for 2010
    The Plane That Thrills You - A Quote From Bill Church
    Pilot Hypoxia - A Real Tape From FL320
    Video: Ford Tri-motor Aerobatics
    The Ultralight Experience
    Video: Blue Ice Aviation - Alaskan Flightseeing
    Flying Antique Airplanes - Don Parson's Blog
    Bumper Stickers Have Arrived!  Taildraggin' Swag!
    Video: Barnstorming - A Documentary Film
    Frank Skroback's Roadable Airplane
    Old Gas Pump Globes are Bitchin'
    Photo Gallery: Soup on Sunday
    Video: Pitts Vs. Pietenpol :: with Tesla Death Ray!

February 2010
    Vintage Flying - Grassroots Adventures in a Piper J-3 Cub
    Video: The Children are the Future
    Homebuilding in a Really Small Space - Rob Holmes' RV-3
    Video: One Six Right.  Yes, THAT One Six Right
    The Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan
    Video: On Top (Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter)
    Do Something With Your Life - Pitts Video Game
    Video: The Green Machine :: Ohio Bush [Snow] Planes
    Vintage Video: Chevrolet Presents: Sky Billboards (1953)
    Sweet Snowy Beaver!
    Video: Alphabet Soup Aerobatics: RV-4, DR-107, S-2C, S-1T
    59 Lonely Years
    Eric Clutton's F.R.E.D
    Wichita Photos - 1929
    Vintage Video: Learning to Fly in 1953

January 2010
    The Restoration of NC12350 - Dave Brinkley's Monocoupe 110
    Tip of the Day - Join the Taildraggers, Inc. Forums
    File This Under "WTF"? - Taildragger Ecroupe
    Video: The Red Sparrows
    Vintage Advertisements - The Vintage Ad Browser
    Video: Skip Stewart Pensacola 2009 "Raw, Uncut! See What I See!"
    No Comment - Post Secret
    Video: Fly-In BBQ: The Pik N Pig in Carthage, NC
    Vintage Video: Bob Hoover in the Shrike Commander
    Video: Adam Cope Flies the 2010 Sportsman Known
    Young Eagles in 1947 - The Wittman Big-X
    Photo Gallery: Steen Skybolt N66FW
    Tip of the Day - Join The Taildraggers, Inc. Forums
    Video: The 2010 Ski Ball
    Video: Christmas Tree Rocketry
    The Airplane as Art - Gene Rambo's Pietenpol
    Tip of the Day: Never Fly The "A" Model of Anything
    Tricycles Spin!
    Video: My Loop's 2 Phat

All of 2009:
    Video: Kyle Franklin's Comedy Act
    Video: May Day Fly-In STOL Action
    Builder Link: Peyton Rucker's Pietenpol Aircamper
    Feature Photo: Paul T. Gernhardt at OSH 2009
    Link: Ladies Love Taildraggers
    Video: Slick's Amazing OSH 2009 Video
    Lukas Bridges' First Flight
    Link: Williams Vintage Aircraft
Brodhead 2011

Steve McQueen


Young Eagle


The Rambo Piet


Kamm Photo Blog


Douglas Rolfe - 1933

Thunder Over the Blue Ridge 2010

Charles Lindbergh

The Dollar Pietenpol

The Bosman RV-3

Bevo Howard's Piper J-3P-50

Abandoned Catalina

1932 Hall Springfield Bulldog

This is the way to fly...

The Ultralight Experience

Fly A Pitts! - Free Online Games

59 Lonely Years - The Barn Cub

NC12350 - Dave Brinkley's Monocoupe 110

Wittman Big-X

Karen Greenfield Pitts

Lukas Bridges' First Flight

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