It's So Old!

But it still smells fresh.

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With all this old stuff sticking around, you have to wonder how we keep it smelling so fresh.  Ha!  I've got quite the secret up my sleeve.

You see, my wonderful wife makes candles.  Not just any candles, but soy candles.  Highly scented, and at a price anybody can afford.  Even me.

So, cruise on over to Skyline Candle Company, and pick yourself up a candle or twelve.  I recommend the Waterfall Mist.  Smells so good.  Way better than all these moldy old headlines.

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Taildraggers, Inc. - Tricycles are for babies. -

Taildraggers, Inc. Archives - 2009

These are our top stories and links from 2009.  They're still cool, but we gotta keep the home page clean and quick to load!  Enjoy the Archives!

And as always, if you have a link or photo to share, we'd love to hear about it, and hopefully add it to the site.  We are also looking for guest writers and photographers to submit content.  If you would like to write an article or a photo essay, shoot us an email.  We won't pay you (we don't even pay ourselves), but we will give you full credit for any contributions.

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This video has gone viral in aviation circles.  For those who don't know, this is Kyle Franklin flying his "Wing-tip Draggin' Comedy Act".  I have been fighting the urge to add it here just because it is so popular, but what the hell, it's fun to watch!

AvWeb recently did an interview with Kyle where he discusses the act, and gives away all his secrets.  The airplane is a Piper Super Cub, completely stock except for an increase in horsepower to the O-320.  If you haven't seen the video or performance yet, you'll love all the wing-tip dragging and low-level foolishness.  Just be sure to watch it to the end.  The dismount is the best part!  For more information about Kyle Franklin and the "Franklin Flying Circus and Airshow" visit their website.
WEF 0912311811

Here's some great footage from the 2009 May Day Fly-In STOL contest in Valdez, Alaska.  Some good flying, and some unfortunate oops moments!

Click on the link to get your own personal copy of the STOL DVD.  If you're up in Alaska, or just need a place to go, how about you visit the 2010 Fly-In?  Check it out: May Day Fly-In.
WEF 0911110231

Taildraggers, Inc. - Peyton Rucker's Pietenpol Aircamper Project -
Peyton Rucker is the son part of a father-son team in the process of building a Pietenpol Aircamper.  Peyton has assembled a very nice website to document the build.

Stop in a check up on the progress being made on The Birth of White Lightning.
WEF 0910121416

Taildraggers, Inc. - - Oshkosh 2009 Photos -
Paul T. Gernhardt from the DCPilots group shared some beautiful photos from Oshkosh 2009.
He really captured some amazing shots!

Check out all of Paul's great Oshkosh 2009 photos at his gallery -
All images are copyrighted!
WEF 0908120432

Taildraggers, Inc. - Ladies Love Taildraggers -
Karen Greenfield enjoys her Pitts Special. Who wouldn't? It's a beautiful airplane.
Turns out there's a whole bunch of Ladies who Love Taildraggers.

Check out more women who agree that "The Little Wheel Goes in the Back"
at the Ladies Love Taildraggers site.
WEF 0908110513

Did you miss Oshkosh 2009? Here's a really well done video that will make you feel like you were there.

Don't feel bad if you didn't make it, either did I...
WEF 0908110459

 Taildraggers, Inc. - Lukas Bridges' First Flight -
Lukas Bridges' first ride in a small airplane. A nice flight around Northern Virginia for a very
excited co-pilot!

Click on the picture to see all the photos from the flight and read along with the short story.
WEF 0907120253

 Taildraggers, Inc. - Williams Aircraft - Old School Aviating with a Kick -
Wow. I stumbled upon a nice site featuring thousands of photos of vintage aircraft of all makes
and models, like this gorgeous Ryan SCW.

Wanna see more? Check out Williams Vintage Aircraft
Photo Copyright Williams Vintage Aircraft Site
WEF 0907080321