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Bressler Baby Blog

2 Month Update

Wow what a busy last few months! Cole is now 2 months old and is doing wonderful! He is smiling and cooing a lot these days too. Emily has done an amazing job with the Role of big sister. She loves to help with everything and is always hugging and kissing on her little brother. Cole loves his swing and new activity mat. Even Emily plays with Cole on his mat, showing him the different animals and colors.

These last 2 months have been very busy for our little family. Our first outing as a family was at our Local Farmer’s Market. The day after we got home from the hospital we took Cole down to meet our friends.  This has become a weekly thing for us. We love getting fresh produce and seeing all of our friends, which are more like family to us. Plus, they love getting to see our kids every week! Everyone has really enjoyed seeing Cole grow so fast!

In late June we took the kids to the Air and Space Museum in Dulles VA. Emily had a blast looking at all the airplanes with Daddy! Of course Cole slept most of the time. We also took the kids to the Flying Circus too! It was so hot out that day, but we really enjoyed seeing close friends and watching Charlie Kulp do it final performance of the Flying Farmer.

In July we were able to go down for a Family get together and everyone on the Clemon’s  side of the family got to meet Cole. It was so cute getting to see Emily and all of her little cousins play together. We really enjoyed spending time with everyone and hope that we can see you guys again soon.

Wayne I just celebrated 6 years together on yesterday! Six years ago we started dating and five years ago he proposed to me. August 7th holds a very special place in our hearts. It’s been an amazing and very busy last six years for us!! We are so happy that our family is complete with our two kiddos. What more could you ask for?

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Kid Pics

Facebook killed the baby blog.  It’s true.

Marie and I post a lot of pictures on Facebook, but the baby blog pretty much gets neglected.  Sorry.  I recommend joining Facebook, and then you can see all of the random pictures we upload.  It’s just so much easier on us to post them there rather than here.

In the meantime, here are three pics of the kids.  One is of Emily holding Cole for the first time, another is of Cole’s first real bath, and the last one is from the Skyline Caverns park.  Marie and Emily went to a playgroup there this week and rode the train.  Emily was SOOOOOOOOOO excited!

In summation…  Look us up on Facebook.  :)

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Cole William Bressler

Marie and I would like to introduce to you our second and last child, our son, Cole William Bressler. Born June 2, 2010, at 8:52pm, he weighed 7lb 10oz, and was 21 inches from tip to tail. Please enjoy the few photos from his first 24 hours. Many more will come as he grows.

Thank you to everyone for your love and generosity during this pregnancy and delivery. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our family and friends. You guys are the best.


June 2nd and 3rd, 2010

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Wonder What Kept Us Busy this Last Year? Part 2

I really wish that I had more pictures of our Spring/Summer and Fall craft show pictures handy, but I don’t at this time. No worries I will find them and post at a later date.  After my last post I wanted to share our last show for 2009. We did an indoor show in Berryville Va.

This show brought us a lot of luck with several sells from new and returning customers! I have several customers that have followed me to almost every show! I always enjoy seeing my repeat customers! Makes me so happy to have them come out and visit!

101_0190-1 101_0187-1

Here’s our booth for Christmas! Yes, all of those candles are hand-made by me!

I just wanted to show everyone that I’m not just a Stay at Home Mom. I’m in the process of growing my own business too! I really enjoy making candles and I have so much support from Wayne and the rest of our family. I couldn’t have done this without everyone helping out. I’m looking forward to 2010 being another AWESOME year.

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Wonder What Kept Us Busy this Last Year? Part 1

For the most part everyone knows that we had a SUPER busy 2009! Why you ask? Well, Wayne and I both jumped into the craft vending world feet first last Spring.  We signed up to be vendors at our local farmers market, which started in June and ended on Halloween. This was two days a week, so it was a HUGE commitment for us and our extended family!!!

Having the market on Thursday afternoon and Saturday mornings was very tough, but we really enjoyed ourselves and sold a lot of candles!!! First making sure Emily was taken care of and then making sure we had enough product to sell kept me very busy!! I never in a million years thought we would have sold so many candles at a farmers market. I’m truly thankful!  Looking back on the Spring and Summer I spent two days out of the week making candles and then two more days selling them. I really wonder how I was able to keep up. Thankfully with the help of family I had Mama Kathy (Wayne’s Mom) to help out a lot with Emily. I’m so thankful that she was able to help out as much as she did! Not to mention her and Daddy Wayne (Wayne’s Dad) letting me use there truck for the first part of the market.

We also did several craft shows too! We did The Festival Of Leaves here in Front Royal, which was a huge show! We did extremely well at this show and will be doing this show again in October. After the market was over we lined up a few more smaller events in our town too! One being an outdoor show in December. I was very much looking forward to this one! It would be our very first Christmas Show and I had been planning out this show since the Summer! I knew it would probably be cold but I didn’t care! I had heard this would be a big event and Santa would be there too! I had planned on selling a lot of candles and worked very hard to make sure I had a huge inventory to take a long with us! Of course Mother Nature had a different plan for that day. We went he night before to setup our tent and get the Christmas decorations setup, we knew it may snow a few inches, but had no idea what we were in for the next day.

Wayne and I got up the next morning to load the candles in the truck and it was already snowing on the mountain. We both thought well lets see what its like at the bottom. Heck it may not be doing anything down there…… we were wrong!

Here’s our booth setup in the snow. I think almost 4 inches fell before Noon.

101_0163-1 101_0160-1 101_0165-1

This is the first and the last time you will see Skyline Candle Company Setup in the snow!

Even with all the snow we did sell some candles! Thanks to the brave people who came out! We also had a really good time too! We both nearly froze our buns off, but it was a good experience for us! We learned Outdoor shows in December, probably not a good idea and candles do freeze.

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Pregnant with Number 2

As you all know we are expecting baby number two in June! Since I have not blogged in so long I figured I would do a post about the baby!

We found out on the September 27th via a home pregnancy test that we were going to have another baby!! We had planned on getting pregnant again in September so it was no surprise when it came out positive! Wayne and I kept it a secret until that following Wednesday and told the our family on Wayne’s  Moms Birthday. With Wayne’s parents and Brother and Sister over we told them by showing off Emily’s new outfit!


Emily was very happy to hear the news about being a Big Sister!!!

This pregnancy has been very different than with Emily. I’ve has less morning sickness this time around! I’ve been really tired and have craved lots of weird stuff! Overall its not been too bad! I’ve found that theirs never enough time to rest with a two year old running around!

I’m now 28 weeks and I’m very much looking forward to June! Our official due date is June 10th….  I’m thinking our little guy will come early. We shall see!

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Snow in October!?!

Yep that’s right we got snow in October! The second week of October we woke up to almost 2 inches of snow!!! This is what happens when you live on 2200 ft on a mountain!

snow_11 snow_21


Here are a few pictures of the snow! It was so funny to see snow and fall leaves falling from the sky!  Wayne an I both knew we were going to have a rough winter!!!

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October 2009 Halloween and Our Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch Trip!

October was another BUSY month for us! We did take some time so go to  a Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch!  October was also a wet month for us too! We went out to the Corn maze and was surprised by all the mud!


Emily and Stafford in her wagon getting ready to go into the Corn Maze!!
We had such a good time doing the Corn Maze!  Watching Wayne pull Emily’s wagon in the mud was PRICELESS!! We both were slipping and sliding all over the place!


This picture was taken after we got out of the maze! A quick pose to say “Hi we had so much fun”


Emily is going to pick out a BIIG Pumpkin!!


We brought home Emily’s pumpkin and carved it!


Emily’s very excited about carving her pumpkin with Daddy!


The finished product!!

Now its time for Trick or treating!!


Emily dressed up as a cute Witch! We took her to an event in our town. We did some Trick or Treating on Main Street and then met up with good friends Ryan and Stephanie and their two kids Stella and Charlie. The event was really crowded so we left and went over to Ryan and Stephanie’s house and did some more Trick or treating and had some pizza with our good friends!

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Beach Trip September 2009

I know it has been a really long time since we’ve added anything on here! Trust me when I say it’s not because we haven’t been doing fun and exciting things… We have been really busy this last year and 2010 has so far been really busy too! I know I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

So here goes! I’ll start by saying 2009 was a VERY busy year for us! We spent our Spring/Summer selling my candles at our local Farmer’s Market. Every Thursday and Saturday was spent in downtown Front Royal at the market selling our candles and making new friends in our town! It was a lot of work for all of us! We took a break in September and went on a family vacation to The Outer Banks, NC with family.

Here are a few pictures from our Family vacation.


This picture was taken on September 12th at the Farmer’s Market after the Front Royal Airshow and just before out long drive to the beach.

emily_beach emily_loves_thesand

Emily LOVES the beach!! She had so much fun playing in the sand!


Emily and I spent some time picking up seashells!

emily_beach-house_1 emily_beach-house_2

Emily posing for a picture in the beach house we stayed at. Gosh, she’s so cute!!


Wayne and Emily at Billy Mitchell Airport. Yes, even on vacation we stop and check out the local airports!


Emily and Mommy having fun in the pool!

We had such a great time on vacation with the family! It was really nice to take a break and spend time with everyone!

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Christmas is almost here!

So today I downloaded a bunch of Christmas music for my up coming craft show, little did I know that Emily would have so much fun listening to this wonderful music!

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